Jackson and Parker's Birthday Countdown

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It has been YEAR'S!!

I have not posted on this blog since June of 2009, that is so sad. We even have had another child and he is unknown to my blog followers.

Well here goes, we now have an almost 3 year old Jackson and an almost 1 year old Parker. They are both July birthday's and they both have been so unbelievably fun each and everyday! I am going to try to make sure I start posting on here 1 time a week to make sure I never forget a single second of what has been happening in our lives. To bad we are almost a year into my second childs life before I started to do this.. Anyway, Parker is wonderful born July 8th at 1:15 am weighing 9.1 and 19 inches long. He is now over 20 lbs and crawling up a storm. He would rather walk though and am thinking he is going to be taking his first steps sooner rather than later! He has 7 teeth almost all by the age of 6 months, yikes! Jackson has been a great big brother although at times it is difficult to shar the attention. Today Parker tried to eat the light cord and Jackson ran in and said, "OMG Mom, Parker is trying to eat the light cord!" Where does he get this stuff!! Anyway that is enough for now. I will leave some pictures for you to peruse:)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jackson Get's Baptized

Yes, we finally did it. Jackson was Baptized on June 7th 2009 at Saint Adalbert's Catholic Church in Berea, Ohio. Jackson was wonderful for the whole ceremony. He did not even make a peep during the water bath. He looked absolutely adorable in the outfits that both Grandparents gave him. Mimi and Grandpa gave him a beautiful Christening outfit with adorable white leather shoes and Grandma and Grandpa Kaylor gave him an adorable onesie with a cross and matching socks and a bib, Grandma had stitched his name and date on. Jackson's Godparents were there minus one, Kathy and John D. and Alison and unfortunately, my brother Bryant is the other one and is in the Air force and is was not able to make it.
We had a wonderful time and really appreciate all the love and support from our family, and for Jackson as he entered into the Church!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mimi and Mother's Day

What a special Mother's Day, my mom Mimi came up from Tennessee to visit for the week and that was the best present I could have gotten.

We had a wonderful time when she was here. We went to the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Natural History Museum and Cleveland Botanical Gardens. It was so much fun and Jackson loved the dinosaurs in the History Museum.

On Mother's day I was surprised with breakfast in bed, my favorite super sweet sticky rolls, yum, yum, oh and I got to sleep in, which is a big deal in our house, as Jackson has his own clock and decides that 4, 5, 6 or 7 are good times to get up in the morning:)
We then headed to Mass and back to open presents. Chris and Jackson gave me some wonderful presents and I was on cloud nine. We then started working on our garden which has now grown to over half of our backyard.. eeekk, but you cannot beat fresh vegetables all summer long. After starting that project we decided that we were in need of some fuel so we went to my favorite Thai restaurant Sweet Mango, and had a fabulous meal. We have been going to the restaurant since day one and have become good friends with the owners, they have been through my pregnancy cravings of Thai at 7 am or 9pm or anytime in between and whenever they see Jackson they laugh and saw he is all Thai... They gave us a special desert for Mother's day, which was really meaningful because they had given us the same desert the night before I delivered Jackson as a celebration.


Wow ...

Time sure does fly. It is hard to believe that I am just posting an Easter story on here. We we had a very busy and exciting Easter. We woke up early Sunday morning to a surprise the Easter bunny had dropped off an amazing display of baskets filled with yummy goodies. Jackson however just wanted to play with the plastic wrap on the baskets, who knew...

After this we got dressed and headed to Chris's parent's home in Loudonville, Ohio where we attended church and then went back to there house for a wonderful feast and more Easter festivities including coloring eggs. It was so wonderful to be around family during the holidays:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mimi returns....

February 6, 2009

Mimi comes back for a visit and we had such a wonderful time. We went shopping for cloths and furniture and even made a trip to the Malley's Chocolate factory, yum was that fun:)

A friends 1st Birthday

January 30, 2009

Jackson went to his first birthday party. His friend and next door neighbor turned 1 and he got to join in the festivities!

He is quite the little party animal:)

The First Wagon Wheel

January 27, 2009

From veggies to wagon wheels. Jackson started to eat and love wagon wheels. They are the perfect size. We gave him cheerios but they are still a bit small but the wagon wheels fit perfectly into his hand and he absolutely loves them!